Free Puppy and Kitten Health Checks

During Covid-19 lockdown we are unable, for the moment but under constant review, to offer free client checks.

We want your newest family member to get off to the best possible start, so we offer all puppies and kittens free health checks until they are six months old.

We invite all puppies and kittens for a free check up with a vet and weigh in every four weeks to keep an eye on their growth, spot any issues, administer the correct dose of flea and worming treatment, and most importantly teach them that a visit to the vets is a wonderful experience full of cuddles and treats!

Your precious little one will have a complete nose to tail health check at each of our consultations and we will keep an eye on their weight! Routinely this is the general examination performed by our vets when seeing your little bundle:

  • Top to tail checks
  • Listen to airways, chest, lungs, heart and gut sounds
  • Feel the belly for any abnormalities
  • Check coat and skin, weight
  • Offer advice on flea and worm control
  • Give advice on neutering and spaying
  • Offer recommendations on dental health and diet
  • Check vaccination status
  • Give puppy training tips
  • Address any other concerns or questions you may have


Call us on 020 8778 7789 to book your free puppy or kitten health check.