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Do you have a dog with a flat face or a short nose?

If you answered yes to the above, then your dog may be suffering from a condition called brachycephalic syndrome, which literally means short skull.

This can be a worrying but common condition in short nosed breeds like English bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers. It needs your immediate attention, as sadly the signs are often picked up too late. This syndrome can make your dog susceptible to skin infections, heart and eye problems but the most serious threat to your dog’s welfare is the struggle to breathe, unfortunately the condition can cause severe suffering and sometimes even death.

Symptoms to watch out for

  • Heavy noisy breathing
  • Working hard to breathe
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Tendency to overheat
  • Gagging

Luckily there is a solution and we have the skill and expertise at Briar House Veterinary Surgery to diagnose and treat your precious pet. Simply book an urgent appointment with our lead surgeon Enrico Cecchetti, who has extensive training and great experience in diagnosing and treating this condition successfully. Helping to improve the quality of life of dogs who have undergone treatment to rectify this worrying problem.

During your appointment Enrico and the team will carry out a series of tests with your dog that will assess whether your dog is suffering from this syndrome. The assessment will take no more than 60 minutes which is no time at all for an appointment that could change, even save the life of your little friend!

Call Briar House Vets now on 01843 863395 for some advice or to book an assessment.