Health Checks and Clinics

It goes without saying that you know your pets better than anyone else, but of course you cannot spot everything. There are some common, but serious, diseases that have subtle symptoms in their early stages, and it can take an expert eye to spot those signs.

Health and wellness checks are a key part of the animal care we provide our four-legged friends. At DNA Vetcare we believe that health and wellness starts with good nutrition and regular health checks from an early age. We share your desire to make sure your pet is healthy, and to want to help you keep them that way!

We offer a range of clinics to keep your cherished pet happy and healthy from puppy and kitten hood all the way through to their more senior years.

Free Kitten and puppy health checks

We want your newest family member to get off to the best possible start, so we offer all puppies and kittens free health checks until they are six months old.

We invite all puppies and kittens for a free check up with a vet and weigh in every four weeks to keep an eye on their growth, spot any issues, administer the correct dose of flea and worming treatment, and most importantly teach them that a visit to the vets is a wonderful experience full of cuddles and treats!

Your precious little one will have a complete nose to tail health check at each of our consultations and we will keep an eye on their weight! Routinely this is the general examination performed by our vets when seeing your little bundle:

  • Nose to tail checks
  • Listen to airways, chest, lungs, heart and gut sounds
  • Feel the belly for any abnormalities
  • Check coat, skin and weight
  • Offer advice on flea and worm control
  • Give advice on neutering and spaying
  • Offer recommendations on dental health and diet
  • Check vaccination status
  • Give puppy training tips
  • Address any other concerns or questions you may have

Our Little VIP Healthcare Plans
The Little VIP Plan will help you spread the cost of caring for your furry friend from the very first day you bring them home.

The Plan includes all preventative healthcare such as flea and worming treatments, a course of vaccinations, 30% off our recommended food and a free treat! Getting a new bundle of fun is so exciting and just as you want to do what’s best for your little one, so do we!

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Weight clinics

A healthy lifestyle is just as important to our pets as it is to us humans. Keeping your pet active, providing good nutrition and reducing treats will keep them at a healthy weight and could help lower the risk of things like diabetes, joint damage and heart disease. Did you know diabetes affects 1 in 200 cats and 1 in 300 dogs?

Could there be a problem?
If you answer yes to any of the questions below you may want to talk to us about weight management:

  1. Do you have difficulty feeling your pet’s ribs?
  2. Is there little or no ‘waist’?
  3. Is your pet reluctant to exercise?
  4. Does your pet seem to tire easily with activity?
  5. Does your pet keep eating so long as there is food in the bowl?

Our solution
We can offer advice on exercise, nutrition and weight management. If you suspect your pet may be overweight, please give us a call and book a health check with one of our experienced vets. Our vet will perform a comprehensive nose to tail and weight check, and will discuss a diet and exercise plan tailored for your pets lifestyle and nutritional needs. We will be with you offering support and advice every step of the way!

Geriatric clinics

We love taking care of our older pet patients as they are often so full of character. Thanks to advances in medicine we can do so much more for our older friends to help keep them healthy and comfortable throughout their retirement!

When do pets start ageing?
Our pets age a lot quicker than we do. If your dog or cat is over the age of 8 you may be surprised to know that they are regarded as senior. As they age it becomes even more important for you to keep an eye on your older friend and watch out for any changes that may indicate a developing health problem.

Symptom of old age or something more serious?
If you have noticed your pet slowing down, losing weight or acting strangely, it may just be a symptom of getting older but any changes to your pets behaviour should be investigated by a vet. All of our vets are experienced in managing the complex and multiple conditions that often accompany advancing years. Early detection of illness and disease is really important, and we have the equipment necessary to help diagnose and treat your pet as quickly as possible.

Senior Health Awareness
Our senior health awareness programme will help you help your older friends stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. All of our older patients are invited to come and see us for a complimentary nose to tail health check AND a discount on any diagnostic blood or urine tests that may be needed:

  • Full bloods including thyroid functionality
  • Urine dipstick
  • Specific Gravity Blood pressure measure (cats only)

BOAS Grading Clinic

Do you have a dog with a flat face or a short nose?
If you answered yes to the above, then your dog may be suffering from a condition called Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS), which literally means short skull. This can be a worrying but common condition in short nosed breeds like English bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers. It needs your immediate attention, as sadly the signs are often picked up too late. This syndrome can make your dog susceptible to skin infections, heart and eye problems but the most serious threat to your dog’s welfare is the struggle to breathe, unfortunately the condition can cause severe suffering and sometimes even death.

Symptoms to watch out for

  • Heavy noisy breathing
  • Working hard to breathe
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Tendency to overheat
  • Gagging

Luckily there is a solution and we have the skill and expertise here at Briar House Veterinary Surgery to diagnose and treat your precious pet. Simply book an urgent appointment with our lead surgeon Enrico Cecchetti, who has extensive training and great experience in diagnosing and treating this condition successfully. Helping to improve the quality of life of dogs who have undergone treatment to rectify this worrying problem.

During your appointment, Enrico and the team will carry out a series of tests with your dog that will assess whether your dog is suffering from this syndrome. The assessment will take no more than 60 minutes which is no time at all for an appointment that could change, even save the life of your little friend!

Call Briar House Vets now on 01843 863395 for some advice or to book an assessment.